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Monthly Logline Contest

1. Your Movie Idea

These three story questions will get at the guts of your movie. Sentence length is limited - if you find you can't add more letters, use fewer or shorter words.

Think very carefully about each question and make sure your answer is to the point.

a. Your main character (use adjectives, emotional state) who wants x (a basic desire)

....E.g., A shy young suburban boy who wants to be noticed...

b. What CRISIS is he/she/are they facing? Hint: Start with an ACTIVE VERB.
...... discovers a strange but friendly alien living in his shed...

c. How does he/she/do they respond to try and deal with it? Hint: Not too much detail.
.. and tries to help him get home while keeping his existence a secret. (E.T., The Extra Terrestrial)

2. Your Theme

THEME is what people want to know when they ask that annoying question, "So what's it about?"

Make it a one word answer, as corny as it may sound, like Love, Betrayal, or Prejudice. Philadelphia, for example is a movie about prejudice; Star Wars is a movie about heroism.

If you're not sure just close your eyes and slug in the first thing that comes to mind. Change it later if you think of something better. Your movie must be about something!!

Your theme:.....

3. Your Title

Based on your theme, choose a title for your story (for now).

Your title:.........

4. What type of movie is it?



5. Rating:.....

Now put the three answers together as a sentence, and you have your movie logline! 

(You will probably have to work on it some more but this is a start.)

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