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Writers pay through the schnozz for so many things. This page is devoted to free online services.

If you know of others, please drop me a note.

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Below are some online articles that offer advice on loglines and synopses. There's more if you query the word "logline", but it gets repetitive. I created the IMLC so I didn't have to remember all this stuff!

Christopher Lockhart also has some good ideas.

Joe Lam has scribed some choice words at Suite101.

Norman Hollyn critiques some TV Guide entries, "Good and Bad."

InkTip provides a bunch of articles on writing loglines and more.


There used to be a bunch of places to get free logline feedback, but my old links are dead. Let me know if you hear of any.

Posting sites

I don't recommend posting your logline on "free" internet sites where just anyone can see it. If you want to post, choose a site that requires Industry Professionals to register and double checks their legitimacy, such as InkTip. It's even better if you are kept aware of who has seen your work. These usually have a fee attached.

Mix it up!

A few frustrated writers have created some tools to generate loglines completely randomly. Check these out for fun!

Rebel Cafe poster storitel's Beat Machine

Brian Stokes' Random Logline Generator

Mad Dog's Plot-o-Matic

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